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RML 2267 Maud - History

RML2267 (affectionately known as Maud) was built in 1965.  RML stands for Routemaster Lengthened – it is 30ft long and seats 72.


She came out of Aldenham in 1965 and went into service on 76.  In 1992 she was refurbished and fitted with a Cummins C engine. She was route branded and sent to work on Route 73 in 1993.  She stayed on Route 73 until September 2004.  She is believed to be the longest serving RML that worked out of Tottenham Garage.                  


Her last month of service was in September 2004 after 39 years on the streets of London.  She was bought by Ensignbus.   In December 2004, Ensignbus held a raffle for 32 Routemasters, available for £2,000 to those who could prove they had the finances to store and care for them.  RML 2267 was bought by Mr Andy Maslin from Swansea and named after his mother 'Maud'.


Maud has been completely refurbished inside and out.