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RML 2583 History

RML2583 (affectionately known as Bulgy) was built 44 years ago in 1966.  RML stands for Routemaster Lengthened – it is 30ft long and seats 72.   It was originally fitted with an AEC engine but this was replaced by a Cummins C in the RML refurbishment program of the early 90's. This is a slightly unusual Routemaster as it was used by London General to do trips outside London so was fitted with a high speed diff which means it can quite happily cruise at 50/55 mph compared the normal speed of 40mph.


It began service in London on Route 14 operating from Putney Bus Garage in November 1966.  In 1994 the process of privatisation of London bus services began, and the Routemasters were transferred from London Transport to twelve new operating units.  RML2583 moved to New Cross Garage in October 1994 under London Central.  In July 1995 it was branded for Route 36.  In March 2002 it moved to Camberwell Garage for service on Route 12.  In August 2002 it began service on Route 11 from Stockwell Garage until 31st October 2003 when it returned to Camberwell and Route 12.


Its last day of service was on 5th November 2004 after 38 years on the streets of London.  It was bought by Ensignbus.   In December 2004, Ensignbus held a raffle for 32 Routemasters, available for £2,000 to those who could prove they had the finances to store and care for them.  RML 2583 was bought by the Welsh Museum of Transport in Swansea.


In June 2008 we bought RML2583 for advertising and preservation.  Our Routemasters are not just a business they are a hobby and we continually care and work on them.