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RML 2583 Bulgy

- 1966 RML

- 72 Seater

- Closed Top

- Open Platform

- Based in Usk, South Wales.

RML2583 (affectionately known as Bulgy) was built in 1966.  RML stands for Routemaster Lengthened – it is 30ft long and seats 72 people.  This is a slightly unusual Routemaster as it was used by London General to do trips outside London so was fitted with a high speed diff which means it can quite happily cruise at 50/55 mph compared the normal speed of 40mph.


Bulgy worked in London on Routes 11, 12, 14, 15 and 36. His last day of service was on 5th November 2004 after 38 years on the streets of London.  When he was taken out of service he became one of the Ensignbus 32 Raffle Buses along with RML2267 - Maud.  


Bulgy has been completely refurbished inside and out.


Bulgy is available for weddings, proms and other private hire on request.  He comes with a professional driver and conductor and for weddings can be decorated with external white ribbon and internal white silk flowers.

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