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RM 1357 Marina

- 1962 RM

- 64 Seater

- Closed Top

- Open Platform

- Based in Usk, South Wales.

RM 1357 (affectionately known as Marina) was built in 1962.  She is a standard 27ft length Routemaster and seats 64 people.


Marina began service in December 1962 operating from Stockwell Garage in London and worked on various routes around London until at least 1985.


In 1988 she was sold to Blackpool Transport and used on the Beachroamer service until 1994, she was then put into store again until 1996.  Reading Mainline bought RM1357 in 1996 where she remained until 2000.


In 2000 she was purchased for use by the Navy as a Sea Cadets Training Unit. The interior was converted to a submarine interior complete with periscope and torpedo (hence the name Marina). The Navy owned Marina for the next 9 years, they used her to tour the country for the first few years, she then became unused, parked up and neglected.


In 2009 she was rescued and had her bodywork reprayed back into London Livery and he then reinstated the interior with its original features. In March 2010 RM1357 arrived with us and is undergoing completion of her restoration.


Marina is available for weddings, proms and other private hire on request.  She comes with a professional driver and conductor and for weddings can be decorated with external white ribbon and internal white silk flowers.

Raglan Festival 2010 012
white on red  logo
white on red  logo


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